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Almost 30 years of defending clients in Wisconsin. Ramon knows the law. You will be in good hands.


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With over 85% acquittal rate, over 5000 cases, and over 200 trials, it is clear Attorney Valdez can protect you.


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The Wisconsin and Kansas Bars
The National Lawyers Guild
The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers


Brown Buffalo Law's lead attorney is Ramon Valdez a veteran in Criminal Defense Law representing cases in the State of Wisconsin.

Ramon Valdez, Attorney at Law

A Criminal Defense Trial Attorney with close to 30 years of criminal defense experience spanning over four decades.

Attorney Valdez has represented well over 5000 individuals during his career in both his public and private capacity and has conducted over 300 criminal trials, either to a jury or to the court with an eighty-five percent acquittal rate and has only lost 5 jury trials in the past 19 years.

These trials have included offenses ranging from homicide and sexual assault, drug offenses, drunk driving, and crimes involving domestic violence allegations.

In addition Attorney Valdez has also conducted hundreds of suppression motions seeking the exclusion from use at trial evidence seized by police during the arrest of individuals charged with violating State laws.  This evidence includes physical evidence such as drugs and guns and statements to the police made by clients after their arrest.

A member of the following organizations:
The Wisconsin and Kansas Bars
The National Lawyers Guild.
The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. 

He has been a presenter at the following conferences:
The Annual State Public Defender's Conference -
2006 - "Dealing with Difficult Prosecutors, "Victims", Witnesses and Clients in Domestic Violence Cases"
The Wisconsin Criminal Defense Lawyers Conference - 2001 "Winning without a Jury", "Aggressive Investigation and Pre-Trial Advocacy,"
The State Bar on a variety of issues relating to criminal defense matters such as aggressive pretrial discovery and motion practice, trial practice techniques and issues relative to providing defense to indigent clients.
20th Annual National Association for Chicano Studies in 1992 speaking on Fourth Amendment issues in minority neighborhoods.
In addition he has appeared on television and has spoken out on topics on discrimination and the decriminalization of drugs.

You can count on the top of the line in criminal defense law, fair fees, and one very important thing.  Ramon is a down to earth quality caring individual and knows his business!

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Ramon Valdez, Attorney at Law.

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