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Almost 30 years of defending clients in Wisconsin. Ramon knows the law. You will be in good hands.


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With over 85% acquittal rate, over 5000 cases, and over 200 trials, it is clear Attorney Valdez can protect you.


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The Wisconsin and Kansas Bars
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Below are types of criminal offenses Brown Buffalo Law can represent in trial and a link to the Wisconsin State Statutes for each of them.

If you have been accused, or charged with any of these crimes, please contact us immediately. Remember the longer you wait to hire your criminal defense attorney, the  less your chances are to win your case.  Don't say anything to anyone, until your attorney is at your side.

Domestic Violence- 968.075 Sec (1)(a)

DUI - 346.63

Homicide - 940.01 - 940.10

Battery- 940.19 - 940.208

Drugs - 961.41

Sexual Assault - 940.225

Disorderly Conduct - 947.01

Criminal Damages to Property - 943.01

Weapons Charges - 941.23

Crimes Against Sexual Morality - 944

Crimes Against Children - 948

Domestic Abuse

Ramon Valdez has conducted more trials in the domestic violence area than any other attorney in the State of Wisconsin and as a result was asked to speak at the State Annual Public Defenders Conference in 2006. Dealing with difficult prosecutors, victims, witnesses and clients in Domestic Violence Cases, he has also spoken at conferences sponsored by the Wisconsin Criminal Defense Lawyers Association in 2001 on "Winning Without a Jury".

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