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Ramon knows his business. A regular guy who treats his clients with respect and dignity. He will protect your rights.


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Almost 30 years of defending clients in Wisconsin. Ramon knows the law. You will be in good hands.


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With over 85% acquittal rate, over 5000 cases, and over 200 trials, it is clear Attorney Valdez can protect you.


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The Wisconsin and Kansas Bars
The National Lawyers Guild
The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers


Fees are based upon the complexity of the case, number of witnesses for trial, whether there will be suppression motions filed and argued, or whether the case will settle or go to trial, where in the process the case is, for example, you have been arrested and not yet been formally charged, or whether another attorney has already been involved in the case. 

In addition, Attorney Valdez takes cases for reduced fees based upon the nature of the charges and whether the case provides any novel issues for trial, or financial situations. 

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"I guess you don't always get what you pay for... sometimes you get so much more! I will always be grateful to
Ray Valdez, a wonderful lawyer and a wonderful human being"

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