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By Ramon Valdez

I am a criminal defense attorney in Milwaukee, you can retain my services as an attorney who is skilled and comfortable handling domestic violence cases. Generally, this charge is best handled by an attorney who is knowledgeable in all areas of the law as it relates to domestic violence cases. I have handled domestic violence cases in and around Milwaukee going back to the early 1990s and I service the entire state of Wisconsin.

I have personally handled thousands of cases involving allegations of domestic violence. I have conducted hundreds of trials involving charges of domestic violence in Milwaukee. I have successfully negotiated hundreds of cases to the benefit of my clients. A skilled criminal defense trial lawyer will know how best to prepare a defense specifically suited for your particular case.

Domestic violence cases are frequently the result of enormous pressures that are exerted on a family and occur when people break under this pressure. Financial pressures due to unemployment or the loss of a job or illness, infidelity and trust issues, issues with children or other family members contribute to this stress. Sometimes the charges are just made up because one of the parties just wants the other person to leave the relationship.

A skilled and experienced criminal defense trial lawyer will be able to fashion a version of events that will benefit you. Now this doesn’t mean that your particular case will be dismissed. No one can promise that to you. But what it does mean is that no stone will go un turned, no fact overlooked in preparing for your defense. If your case is going to settle short of trial, you will be confident that settling your case is the right thing to do. If efforts to resolve your case are unsuccessful, then you will know that your case will be handled professionally and competently at trial.

Brown Buffalo Law’s Attorney Ramón Valdez has defended hundreds of clients charged with domestic violence cases. Attorney Valdez has handled more domestic violence trials than any other attorney in the State of Wisconsin and has achieve a rather impressive record of wins. Rest assured that whatever you decide to do with your case: settle short of trial or go to trial, you will be making a decision that is based on a full understanding of all the consequences.

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